Faculty Member (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor / Professor)

  • Supervise undergraduate students for final year projects, and postgraduate students to attain higher quality education research and professionalism.
  • Develop and implement learning material to achieve superior learning environment.
  • Be part of research team that conducts both fundamental and applied research.
  • initiate research project
  • Publish research findings in: 

                - Journals

                - Books

                - Disseminate knowledge and finding through conference, seminar and colloquium

  • Undertake teaching assignments to produce well-rounded graduates.
  • Lecture/tutorial
  • Prepare examination paper
  • Examine tests/exam papers
  • Examine report/thesis/dissertation
  • Facilitate Superior Learning
  • Facilitate learning by employing effective educational delivery
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Assessment
  • Act as a mentor to trainee lecturers and students. Provide guidance to students and technical/support staff
  • Industry Linkages
  • Network within industry groupings. Maintain working knowledge of technologies involved, and ensure that the industrial/practical aspects are reflected in UTP curriculum
  • Research & Consultancy /Advisory
  • Provide input on effectiveness of technology applied. Be able to contribute in research at program level
  • Proactively involve in the implementation and maintenance of corporate wide quality culture process (QCP), and health, safety and environment (HSE).


1.    Education:

     PhD. with teaching, post-doctoral, research or industrial experience

2.    Skills and knowledge:

    Expert in Base and Key Technologies

·          Registered with BEM